Catuaba Bark Powder

Erythroxylon catuaba MEDICINAL PROPERTIES Aphrodisiac Erectile Dysfunction Sexual arousal in both Males and Females Mental and Physical fatigue Poor memory (forgetfulness) Insomnia (related to high blood pressure) Increase Dopamine in brain which results in more sexual pleasure A good source of antioxidants Disclaimer. Veggie World herb list serves as a suggested guide to patrons on […]

Bupleurum Root

Bupleurum Root Bupleurum falcatum MEDICINAL PROPERTIES Respiratory Infections Flu (Influenza) Digestive Problems Diarrhea Constipation PMS Fatigue Depression Headaches Insomnia Liver Disorders: • Hepatitis C • Liver Stagnation Ringing in the Ear Pain Joint Pains Muscle Cramps High Cholesterol Ulcers Hemorrhoids HIV

Ashwagandha Powder

Ashwagandha Powder Withania somnifera Traditional MEDICINAL PROPERTIES Immune Enhancer Fatigue Nervous problems Alzheimer’s Anxiety Gynecological disorders Sexual Enhancer (Aphrodisiac)-males & females Premature Greying and Baldness Works against Premature Ejaculation Enhanced Brain Function Inflammation Ulcers Good source of: Fights against Muscle Stress and Fatigue during Exercise Skin, Stomach, Colon and Breast Cancer Diabetes Enhance Cardio-vascular Functions […]