Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh Cimicifuga racemosa Traditional MEDICINAL PROPERTIES Female hormones Menopause issues: • Hot flashes • Flushes • Irritability • Mood swings • Insomnia (problems sleeping) • Osteoporosis • Vaginal dryness PMS Menstrual cramps Anxiety Nerve problems Sore Throat Cough Headaches Skin problems: • Acne • Wart (removal) • Mole (removal) Insect bites Inducing labour in […]

Basil Leaf (Holy Basil)

Basil Leaf (Holy Basil) Ocimum basilicum Traditional MEDICINAL PROPERTIES Fever Common Cold Nerve Tonic Sharpens Memory Removal of Catarrhal matter & phlegm from bronchial tube Respiratory disorder Kidney Stones Heart Disorder Skin Disorders Teeth Disorder (brushing teeth and massaging gum) Head Aches Eye Disorder (sore eyes, night blindness) Disclaimer. Veggie World herb list serves as […]

Angelica Root

Angelica Root Angelica archangelica Traditional MEDICINAL PROPERTIES Anorexia (Loss of Appetite) Bloating/Gas (flatulence) Heart Burn Insomnia (difficulty sleeping) Nervousness Nerve Pain Rheumatism (Joint Pain) Work against Premature Ejaculation Initiate Menstrual Periods Diuretic (Increase Urine) Skin Problems Runny Nose Disclaimer. Veggie World herb list serves as a suggested guide to patrons on possible benefits a particular […]